Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Flowers and plants are one of my favourite things. Receiving flowers makes me so happy and just buying them myself but it's also fun growing your own - I feel a bit old saying that, oh no. I used to plant different flowers with my Nan when I was little so growing flowers reminds me of those times. My Mum has been planting all sorts in our front garden lately and I was just like " I want grow some flowers" haha!

I go into Tiger every now and then just to see what's new and I came across their new Spring/garden collection which is just so cute.

I picked up a few bits from the collection but I might go back for more.

I picked up some seeds as they were 2 for £1. All of the seeds I purchased are to be planted in March/ April. The Asters could do with a nursery tray at first, so I purchased on of those for £1!

I'm not sure what I am going to plant my seeds in yet but I picked up this bucket which I may use for one of the packets. 

As you can see the bucket doesn't have any holes for drainage so I'm going to have to drill some.

I also bought this cute little spade for £3

You can check out Tiger's new collection here

Emily xo

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