Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I'm always up for trying roll-on deodorants as I'm not a massive fan of aerosols/sprays see why here so I was excited when Bionsen sent me their new product 'Caring Touch' Roll-on Deodorant

What makes this deodorant different to the rest of Bionsen's aluminium and paraben-free range is the new fragrance and added Vitamin E, as well as added moisturiser and emollients. All very softening and protecting! 

I have tested and used this deodorant for the last 5 days. I loved how gentle it was on my skin and very moisturising. The scent is very fresh, even though this product is unisex I do think the scent is more on the girly side, quite floral, but who cares. 
I didn't end up smelling of "BO" (I hate saying that) but I did sweat a little under my arms as this product isn't an anti-perspirant. I do prefer wearing anti-perspirants but there are down sides to wearing anti-perspirants and aluminium too.

The scent and deodorant fights against body odour so as long as I don't stink, it's all good. Everything else about the product is pretty great. It's definitely better for my skin than other deodorants I use.

Bionsen:"Bionsen’s hypoallergenic-approved formula effectively neutralises bacteria responsible for body odour, protecting delicate skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and cool for up to 24 hours." - I'm not too sure any product really lasts 24 hours but it lasted long enough - for me 8:30am till 6:30pm but I always top up in between if I want to.

"Bionsen products are formulated using the same natural minerals that can be found in the volcanic spas of Japan, (‘Onsen’in Japanese... Bionsen... Clever!) long-prized for their ability to nourish the skin and keep it healthy."

This product best suits people with sensitive skin or who are looking for more natural deodorants than the others out there.

I am definitely going to use this product again, I love using products that I know are good for me and my skin - I say keep doing what you're doing Bionsen

The new Bionsen Caring Touch deodorant is launching on the 9th March 2015 exclusively at Boots and will cost £2.35 - I'd pay that.

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Thanks for reading!

Emily xo

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