Monday, 12 January 2015


Here's some snaps of my Christmas Day and the build up to Christmas.

Presents from moi.

Peter's Christmas present to me last year, one of my fave gifts <3

First gingerbread latte of Christmas :P


Never too old to have an advent calendar

The 'Luxury Lush Pud'

Santa's bus! Chased this around with my lil sis until it stopped, we met Santa :D

Watching Jon from S Club 7 play Aladdin at the panto!!!!

Christmas Shopping in Bluewater

 Another gingerbread latte.


Our pumpkins were still going strong (and still are right now) so I glittered them to make them a little more Christmassy :)

Off to meet Santa, AGAIN. She ended up meeting him four times in December.

Wrapping Peter's stocking fillers :)

On Christmas Eve I used all three of these Lush products in my bath: Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, Cinders Bath Bomb and The Metling Snowman Bath Melt. Lovely :)

Christmas Day!

I got a Dachshund Door Stop (yes I needed a door stop) woohoo!! His name is Douglas and I love him hehe.

Going for Christmas dinner at the Hilton. Fancy.

Oooh yeah. Costa time.

Amazing view from our seats.

My salmon starter was so yummy.

A box full of fun.


Unreal, nom nom nom.

The sun is setting!

Walking to the beach.

Throwing pebbles!

 My Mum took this of Myself, Grace and Peter.

Back at home 

One of my favourite presents ever.

Elf feet with my sister haha!

I made Peter a pretty cool hot chocolate - it tasted sssoooo good.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed this post :)

I will be back soon with a haul and other bits and bobs! Click here for 'My Skincare Routine' video

Emily xo


  1. Can't believe you used all 3 lush at once, but I guess it's Christmas
    Danielle Mac

    1. I know! I usually just use Christmas Eve and the Melting Snowman, but added Cinders this year haha!

  2. Lovely post, it looks as though you had an amazing Christmas! I still miss it so much, it just flew by so quickly! x

    1. Me too I can't believe how quickly it goes, so sad :(! x

  3. Love the elf feet...and I want that hot chocolate!!