Monday, 25 August 2014


Sunday, 3 August 2014


Tidied up my crazy makeup area! I'm running out of storage, as usual.

Was supporting USA in the World Cup when England went out as I've mentioned so many times, I love America haha. I also supported Argentina, I love Messi, bless him.

We had sooo many thunder storms in July, the first one was absolutely crazy in the middle of the night and was so loud it was actually terrifying. The next few weren't as scary BUT the latest one was the craziest and went on for about 3- 4 hours non-stop, in Brighton it did anyway...! 

Me, my sister and Peter watching the storm.

Yummy Frankie & Benny's starter - Bruschetta Potato Skins 

Found a weiner dog card! <3 

Went on lots of walks :) 

This photo looks so LA to me haha. Enjoying the super hot weather! 

Went to the beach. I feel so lucky to live near the beach. 

What a pose!

We've been looking after out neighbour's cat whilst she went on holiday. As you can see he loves to sit in the weirdest positions. I love him.

Thanks for reading and following me! I hope you had a lovely July, and if it wasn't too great I hope you have a lovely August! <3

Emily xo