Monday, 14 July 2014


I've been waiting for you cute little AMERICAN box :)

I had unsubscribed to Glossybox a few months ago as the boxes were getting more and more disappointing, but I made a reminder to make sure I get this box when it gets to July as I knew it was going to be American themed - I'm obsessed with the US :') The theme is STARS & STRIPES (American) to celebrate the 4th July and the products included in the box are, made in the USAAAAA - get it? Sorry also a huge Demi Lovato fan.

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Mineral Lipstick 'Ruby' | Full Size - £20

I am always looking for a good red lipstick, this one looks beautiful so I cannot wait to try it. I can't believe this costs £20 and is in my box. Well done Glossybox. This lipstick protects against the sun which is cool and is made up of natural ingredients! Moisturising and long lasting colour, nice!

TARTE Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara | Full Size - £19.50

I can't believe I got this mascara in my box! I've been eyeing this up for so long. I LOVE the packaging, I don't know why! Apparently lengthening, curling, volumising and conditioning, I can't wait to try this out to see if that's really true. This mascara costs £19.50, so I'm very impressed with Glossybox, it's slightly cheaper on QVC at the moment (click the heading). I'm soo excited!

ABSOLUTE NEW YORK Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer | Full Size - $4.99/ £2.90

I am quite happy with the eyeshadow primers I have at the moment, but I am so up for comparing this. It's cheaper than my others and sounds pretty nice, we will see.

CARMEX Lip Balm | Full Size - £2.69

I do really like Carmex and it's cool that this is an American product but we've had Carmex in England for a very long time, so I'm not too excited about this. However, it is an effective product which nourishes, protects and soothes chapped lips and I would repurchase it anyway, maybe not in the original scent, that's the only thing I'm not a fan of. Luckily they make other scents.

COLOR CLUB 'Glossy Seal' Nail Polish | Full Size $8/ £4.70

This shade has been created especially for this months Glossybox. I don't own this shade of blue and it's so lovely, obviously related to the box theme, awesome! I love that Color Club nail polishes are formulated with only non-toxic, cruelty free ingredients, it's a plus as the colour, pigmentation and lasting power of their polishes are just as awesome. I own a few of their polishes and think they are great!

I'm really impressed with the July box, partly because of the Stars & Stripes theme. I am so in love with the box I've placed it very nicely on my desk (I'm so sad). But I'm also very impressed by all of the products placed in my box - I will definitely use all of them! Maybe I will subscribe to Glossybox again.

You can subscribe to Glossybox and get the July box here, all the links to the products are in the headings.

Emily xo


  1. This Glossybox looks so good! I've never been subscribed to this box, but was subscribed to Birchbox for a short while. The lipstick is gorgeous and I really want to try out that mascara!
    Sammy xx

  2. Ahh you got some really good bits, especially the Tarte mascara! The packaging of that looks really good! I cancelled all my beauty boxes to save a few pennies but then I get sad when I see everyone's amazing bits xx

    Along Came Kelly

  3. I really REALLY want to try out that Tarte Mascara too. I think its the packaging that drawing me in!


  4. Love how they celebrate the July 4th by making an American flag box edition and all the products are made in the USA. LOL. I like that Demi Lovato's song too.

  5. Hi Emily! I love you post, this box is so awesome! I nominated you for something called the Liebster award. It's an award that bloggers pass on to each other to get to know each other better. You can check it out at !

  6. I've been reticent to get a subscription to any box like Glossybox or Birchbox as they seem to get quite some negative reviews from beauty bloggers and vloggers! But you got some pretty interesting products here! I am personally quite excited to try at one point the Tarte Flashes mascara!

    MD from

  7. This Glossybox looks amazing, such nice packaging too! I am subscribed to - Love getting a present each month -
    Please visit my blog (I am new to this world of blogging but am loving it already)

    Emily x

  8. I love the design of this box (also a huge America fan) we got pretty much the same things in our boxes though I'm jealous you got the Tarte mascara as I was really hoping for that but was disappointed not to get it :( and you got the red lipstick which I was also hoping for but received the orange which is pretty scary and bright

    Belle x Part of Belle's world