Thursday, 10 July 2014


This month's theme is 'Sun, Sean & Sand', to be honest, I don't think any of these products have anything to do with the sun, sea and sand...

BALANCE ME Wonder Eye Cream | Full Size - £20

I'm always looking for eye creams so I am VERY excited to try this. I really like Balance Me as their products are a lot more natural than other products, they also smell amazing. This eye cream will (hopefully) brighten under the eyes and keep wrinkles at bay. 

MODELS OWN Nail Polish 'Rocket' | Full Size - £5

I'm not sure about this, the colour, the glitter. This nail polish is part of the Model's Own Fireworks range, which does look pretty cool, but not really for me, maybe I'd wear it on November 5th. I don't know, I just really can't see myself wearing it, maybe it would look nicer on the nails than in the bottle.

FILOSOFILLE 4 Sided Nail Buffer

No thank you. I hate these things, what a rubbish lifestyle extra, for me anyway. I would rather have received the Ultradex. There's really not much I can say about this product, I think we all know what a 4 sided nail buffer is? 1. File 2. Buffer 3. Polish 4. Shine.

LAQA & CO Lip Lube Pencil 'Menatour' | Full Size - £14

I am really not sure about this colour, it's bright purple! I won't wear that. I saw another shade others received and I so wish I got that one. Although I'm not a fan of the colour, it is meant to be a sheer pencil, so maybe it won't look too bright on the lips. I'd like to see what the staying power is like. The packaging and name of this is pretty cute.

WHISH Lavender Body Butter | Full Size £14.50

I'm quite a fan of lavender products but I don't think this smells much like lavender. I think the packaging is cute, retro, I love the colour. I seem to receive a body butter/lotion in my box each month, which is getting a bit boring, but oh well. Will see how I get on with this one :)

BENEFIT The Porefessional | £24.50

I already have this product so I wasn't too excited to see this in my box, but really I feel grateful to see a Benefit product as they are pretty expensive! I think this is a great primer and highly recommend it, it feels so silky on the skin, evens out my skin tone and just really looks lovely.

This was probably my least favourite Birchbox so far, I'm really sad to say that as they've been so good the last few months. This box had nothing to do with it's theme, Birchbox could have got a little more creative I think. The majority of these products I probably won't use, I know that's not their fault.

You can subscribe to Birchbox here  all the links to the products are in the headings.

What did you think of this box? Can you recommend any other beauty boxes, apart from Glossybox :)

Emily xo


  1. the porefessional is awesome! and the small size lasts for a long time

    1. It feels soo nice! Oh that's good!

  2. I keep wanted to get a birchbox subscription but I'm so worried I'll get it and like none of the products. I guess that is part of the fun?
    I do quite like the Porefessional though. It is the only primer I have tried that I have kind of liked (I don't like primers!)

    Rachael at

  3. Porefessional. My lover.



  4. Benefit the porefessional is a fairy godmother for skin! Just twinkle the imperfections away!