Saturday, 28 June 2014


Just a little haul :)

Watermelon scented candle - Primark £1

This is so cute. It smells pretty good but I haven't lit it yet so hopefully it smells just as good when it is burning. I got this mainly because the watermelon slice was just adorable.

Ice Cream Scoop - Primark £1.50

I got this for my house I do not have yet. I am forever buying stuff for "my house". How freaking cute is this ice cream scoop, I can't contain my excitement. I think you can also get these in Sainsbury's for a similar price.

Cath Kidston 'Cath Kids' set - TK Maxx £12.99

So ok, this is for kids? No. Everything is a good enough size for an adult to use so I bought it!
This is another thing for "my house" haha :(

You get a mug, a plate, a bowl and an egg cup in this super cute print which comes in a really pretty tin. No way was I going to leave this set on the shelf.

Florida Wall Picture - Etsy £16

This is something for my wall. It's a (sort of) map of Florida the "land of sunshine".
Florida is my favourite place in the world and I cannot wait to go back with the boyf. It's like, our place :')
My room is filled with Florida reminders, photos, souvenirs etc. so this is going to add nicely, I just need to find the perfect picture frame.

Apologies, I said "cute" a lot in this post.

Emily xo

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


As you may have already known from my last blog post which was an OOTD on Sunday, myself and Peter went to Arundel which is a cute little town in West Sussex, not far from where I live. It's a place I used to visit with my grandparents when I was little so it brought back such lovely memories. When we first got to Arundel we walked around a big lake called Swanbourne Lake:

It was so fun walking around the lake, I love nature and the views were beautiful. We came across lots of different ducks and they were so cute! 

 A scary little shack, no thanks!
 Carving our initials into a tree. Aww.

We then went to Arundel Castle and today they had one of their medieval days 

We then went up to the Castle Keep which is the oldest part of the castle. 

 Amazing views from the Castle Keep

Ended the day back at Swanbourne lake with ice creams. I got a ZZAPP :P

I will be posting a vlog of the day this Saturday on emzxbeauty which will show a little more of what we did, so make sure you subscribe.
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Watch my YouTube video to see what you can win.

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    Sunday, 22 June 2014


    Myself and Peter went to Arundel today which isn't too far from Brighton and such a beautiful place to visit. There's lots of ducks! Haha, and other cool stuff like a castle and pretty places. I will be posting a blog post of our day on Wednesday as well as a little vlog on my YouYube channel. But for now here's my outfit of the day!

    Top - Topshop
    Shorts - New Look

    You can't really see what shoes I am wearing but I was just wearing my pink Converse :) 

    I wasn't wearing too much makeup as I knew it was going to be such a hot day. 
    I'm just wearing Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation

    I hope you had a lovely Sunday :)

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    Thursday, 19 June 2014



    Obviously, the theme of this months box is the World Cup and because Brazil are hosting the World Cup the Brazil colours are all over this box. The flip-flop keyring and bag really excited me as I love the world cup, I'm not like a massive football fan but I do enjoy watching it and I get so into the world cup every time. I only like to use keyrings with meaning so I collect a keyring every time I go to another country. Although I've never been to Brazil I always have an awesome time/experience watching the World Cup so It's a nice memory. I've watched almost every match so far. I put the keyring on my others straight away, I like the Brazil colours and enjoy watching them play. I like that this month Birchbox have added the flags for each product to show which country they are from. Anyway I think I've rambled probably a bit too much on the theme and lifestyle extra, probably more than I will for the actual products, did I mention how I find the World Cup so exciting? Haha, just kidding.

    Here's the products I received this month: 
    ( I didn't take photos of every product, just the ones to show the colours/shades of products. The main photo shows every products anyway :)

    SILK + HONEY Shea Butter Hair Mask | Comes in DIY set - £55

    This mask is meant to protect and soften hair, I'm always looking for hair masks and I like that this is meant to protect as well as soften, although I'm not totally sure what it will protect my hair from? Maybe heat, it doesn't really say much. This mask doesn't really smell like Shea butter? I'm not sure what it smells really "natural" and floral more than Shea. I am really hoping this does make my hair soft, I'm all about soft hair, I seem to be known for my hair at school, work, with friends/family. Got to keep it up y'know.

    OPI Nails | The Brazil Collection | Sample Size | Full Size - £11.95

    I'm not too sure about this shade, its not the sort of colour I'd pick up when shopping for nail polish and I'm a bit tired of receiving nail polishes in my boxes as nail polish is my least favourite thing to receive, probably because I already have SO many already. However I then realised looking at this shade that it reminds me of a galaxy, not the chocolate, THE galaxy which has definitely made me more interested. So random I know haha :)

    EMBRYOLISSE Lait-Crème Concentrate | From £12.99

    This moisturiser apparently suitable for all skin types with natural ingredients. It seems interesting and I'm looking forward to trying it, I'm always a bit wary of moisturisers as some break me out, and this hasn't happened many times but I have had a bad reaction before, I really like that they use natural ingredients as my skin always feels more comfortable with natural ingredients applied. I am always looking for a new moisturiser to use daily, no moisturiser has really ever won me over before. Fingers crossed!

    NAOBAY Body Radiance Lotion | Sample size | Full Size - £14 

    This body lotion smells lemon-y, summery and refreshing. I have a lot of body lotions to get through at the moment as I'm quite lazy with that kind of thing but I am excited about this. This is the sample size but I really like the packaging of the full size bottle. I love that this product is organic, I like knowing that there isn't any harsh chemicals going onto my skin. This lotion is packed with Shea butter, olive and avocado oils, which sound pretty good to me.

    YVES ROCHER Sheer Botanical Lipstick | Full Size £9.90

    This lipstick what a beautiful coral colour this is and it smells pretty yummy too, CHERRY!. I love cherry scented lip products. I've never tried this brands lipsticks before so I cant wait to try this now. Such a lovely colour for summer and especially with a tan. This lipstick is supposed to leave lips "lusciously soft" so we will see.

    I am impressed with this box, not as impressed as when I received the three previous boxes, but it's not a bad box, I think what most excited me was the theme of the box but I am also excited to try the lipstick and attach the keyring to my others. I also love that the box has included a few natural products. I am disappointed I didn't receive the Beauty Blender in my box as I was really excited for it and really thought it was in my box :(

    What do you think of this months box? Are you a World Cup fan like me? Or do you hate it. My mum says that my boyfriend is so lucky that I am into football haha!

    Birchbox UK 
    Birchbox USA

    Emily xo

    Wednesday, 11 June 2014

    OOTD - 10/06/2014

    I didn't make much effort today. It was a VERY warm day and was still warm when this photo was taken, as the sun was going down.
    Top - Primark
    Leggings - H&M
    Jelly shoes - JuJu (got them from Office)

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    Emily xo

    Saturday, 7 June 2014

    Haul: Victoria's Secret, F21, Lush, Boots and more!

    You guys may have seen my Bluewater Haul here which included some of the things I showed in this video, but I also purchased a few other things after! :)

    Also check out my other videos, another video to come next Saturday!