Saturday, 24 May 2014

BLUEWATER SHOPPING HAUL (Victoria's Secret, F21)

My favourite store, I wish it was my bedroom, I also wish it was a little less expensive in the UK. Everything I bought is so colourful.
I purchased some super cute and colourful bikini bottoms. Can't wait to wear these down the beach!

I also picked up these PJ shorts, I love the detailing on these so much!

Yep, I am showing you the thongs I picked up, TMI? Oh well aren't they so pretty?!

I needed some new sandals and I found these lovelies. I also found a pretty floral compact mirror reading " YOUNG & FREE". I've had one mirror in my bag for so long that I needed a new one.

My boyfriend found this baseball cap and said I look cute in it, that was one reason I bought it (haha), but the main reason was that I just really needed a hat to wear in my garden when I'm chilling in the sun. I'd like to not get wrinkles too soon :) we must protect our skin!

I'd been wanting to buy the FRIENDS box set for years. I'd been put off because it costs around £50 in most stores. It's one of my favourite shows ever and I can watch it over and over again, it makes me happy, so I just made myself buy it with my birthday money. I'm glad I did.

I went into Lush knowing exactly what I wanted. I purchased two of the body butters 'Buffy' and 'King of Skin'. I use these in the bath, last thing, when I know I'm going to be lazy and not apply body butter or lotion when I get out of the bath.

That's it for my Bluewater shopping haul.

Hope you have a fab day!

Emily xo


  1. I love the baseball cap! Forever 21 seems to just get better and better?! :)


    1. Yes Forever 21 is pretty awesome :) xx

  2. Nice stuff, those PJ shorts look really cute!

  3. Thanks for the follow back on bloglovin'..Got to love Bluewater btw! Do you live near there?

    What did your lush products smell like? I don't really purchase much from Lush so would love to hear your recommendations :)

    Fab blog btw!

    Sam xo