Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I started using roll on deodorant just over a year ago, as I hated the feeling aerosols leave, I find them so drying and irritating on the skin, even the ones that were improved not to be irritating! I've noticed such a difference in my armpit skin now I use roll on deodorants. They are so much more moisturising and kinder to the skin; my armpits are a lot smoother and no longer irritated. I know shaving can also irritate the pits but I'm no longer having problems so I blame the aerosols. Aerosols are also bad for your lungs! I hate breathing in that stuff.

I have tested out a few roll ons as obviously some deodorants aren't as long lasting as others, I've heard people so " I don't use roll on deodorant as it doesn't last long" but it does depend on what you use. My favourites are probably the Dove roll ons I like to use the 24hr Grapefruit and Lemongrass scented one. It lasts well but definitely not for 24 hours like any product wouldn't last that long. It's definitely my favourite and smells so 'Spring-y'.

I do however top up my roll on maybe one or two more times in the day just to be safe but I have actually gone a whole day without doing that and had no problems. It depends on what you are doing that day though for sure!

Let me know if you use roll on deodorants and what ones you use.

Emily xo

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  1. I always used Dove or Sure but it doesn't work as well any more. Change of formula maybe? I used top them up with spray ones, but they are not as good after compressing into smaller bottles too!
    Here's a post on what I currently use! It haven't failed me yet! xxx