Saturday, 3 May 2014


So I've shown you my larger eye shadow palette, here is my baby MAC quad.

These shadows are the ones I use basically everyday and are the ones I will always take when travelling, which is why I've put them in a quad. I really recommend buying the quad if buying the larger palette is not in the budget or if you need to take your MAC eye shadows travelling.

Top:     Nylon > Orb
Bottom: Paradisco > Espresso

I've already swatched these shades here: MY MAC PALETTE 

I use Nylon as a highlighter for my eyes, applying it in the inner corners. It is a very bright white/gold Frost finish . I wasn't really sure what MAC highlighting shade to get when I purchased this as there was a few, but I'm loving this. It is really pigmented so you don't need much on the brush.

I apply this all over the lid after I've applied Nylon to my inner corners. It's a nice natural colour that brightens the eyes. Very pretty.

This is one of my favourite MAC eye shadows. Such a gorgeous pink for Spring/ Summer as it has a gold shimmer to it. The shimmer isn't as shimmery as other MAC shadows, which I like as I'm not a massive fan of shimmery eye shadows unless it's one I use for highlighting, like Nylon. In the summer I'm more of a fan of the shimmer.

I apply this to the centre of my lid and outwards from there. Sometimes just use a little bit of this on it's own (all over the lid) just to give me some natural looking colour if I'm in a rush. It works really well on it's own and with other shadows.

Here's all 3 shades on my eyelids

It's pretty obvious that this eyeshadow is a matt brown, I don't really need to go into much detail with this one. It is definitely one of my favourite matt browns from MAC. It's definitely an eye shadow everyone needs in there life! I'm sure most of you guys have a shade like this in your collection.

I use this shadow to turn my day look into a night time look if I'm going out in the evening or sometimes just because I like to add it to my day look.
I'll usually add this to the crease and outer corners of my eye. I think this is just the perfect shade to transform a daytime look into night time. You can totally use one coat of this as it is so pigmented or you can build it  up to be really dramatic. I usually apply one or two coats.

Here I've added Espresso to the look above

I've only lightly applied Espresso here, but I sometimes apply a lot more, depending on what I'm doing.

So I have four spaces in my larger MAC palette as I usually just leave these 4 above in my quad. If you have any recommendations of what 4 shadows I need to get next then please comment and let me know :)

Emily xo


  1. nylon is one of my favorite shades from mac right now

  2. These are some great shades! I especially like nylon it's really pretty :)

    1. Yes I love Nylon, definitely one of my favourites :) x

  3. I love the top two!
    Just curious, how much did this cost with all the eye shadows and container?

    Holley Marie