Saturday, 31 May 2014


Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'
Color Club 'Gold Struck'

I feel like the whole having one nail a different colour isn't totally in anymore, I don't know if it even was in. I'm not a massive fan of it and I don't do it often but mint green and gold together is just so beautiful so I had to add some gold to my mint nails this time.
We're sort of between Spring and Summer right now so these colours really suit this time of year; minty and fresh for spring but also adding a summer golden goddess to the nail look.

Let me know your favourite nail colour combos :)

Emily xo

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


THE BODY SHOP Honeymania Body Scrub | Wouldn't repurchase 

I'm not totally sure if I liked this product or not, but I know I won't purchase it again. The smell was nice-ish but I wasn't really happy with the powerfulness of the scrub. I love knowing a body scrub is doing lots of work and I didn't get this feeling from Honeymania.

SOAP & GLORY Butter Yourself | Repurchase

I'd never smelt a scent like this before and I loved it straight away. So summery! This is my second 'Butter Yourself', I'm in love!

ANATOMICALS Don't Just Clean It Woman Scrub It | Wouldn't repurchase

I really didn't enjoy using this, the smell could have been better but the scrub made no difference to my skin unlike most scrubs. It felt more irritated than anything.

L'OCCITANE Angelica Hydra Vital Cream | Repurchase

I liked the simpleness of this product; the smell was nice and simple and the product did its job. I break out when I use some moisturisers and this didn't break me out. IT costs £32 for a 50ml pot so I won't be repurchasing anytime soon unfortunately.

SOAP AND GLORY Clean On Me Body Wash | Repurchase

Clean on Me lasts so long! It also has a built-in body lotion which I definitely noticed every time I got out the bath, my skin was lovely and soft and I smelt amazing too haha!

SKINETICA Anti-Blemish Skincare Treatment | Wouldn't repurchase

This helped dry my spots but I didn't think much of it.

AUSSIE Miracle Moist Conditioner | Repurchase

Miracle Moist makes my hair feel so soft and smell amazing. My hair always feels in better condition when I use this so I have repurchased it over and over.

LOREAL Micellar Solution | Repurchase 

Was good enough but not great at removing waterproof mascara. It has been compared to Bioderma a lot, and it definitely isn't as good but it is good for the price. I will probably repurchase this but not any time soon as I have a few similar products that need using up.

TRESEMME Volumising Dry Shampoo | Repurchase

I think this is my favourite dry shampoo I've used so far. Other dry shampoos make my hair look dry (haha) and almost ratty? I don't know why? The smell of this is pretty decent too.

Emily xo

Saturday, 24 May 2014

BLUEWATER SHOPPING HAUL (Victoria's Secret, F21)

My favourite store, I wish it was my bedroom, I also wish it was a little less expensive in the UK. Everything I bought is so colourful.
I purchased some super cute and colourful bikini bottoms. Can't wait to wear these down the beach!

I also picked up these PJ shorts, I love the detailing on these so much!

Yep, I am showing you the thongs I picked up, TMI? Oh well aren't they so pretty?!

I needed some new sandals and I found these lovelies. I also found a pretty floral compact mirror reading " YOUNG & FREE". I've had one mirror in my bag for so long that I needed a new one.

My boyfriend found this baseball cap and said I look cute in it, that was one reason I bought it (haha), but the main reason was that I just really needed a hat to wear in my garden when I'm chilling in the sun. I'd like to not get wrinkles too soon :) we must protect our skin!

I'd been wanting to buy the FRIENDS box set for years. I'd been put off because it costs around £50 in most stores. It's one of my favourite shows ever and I can watch it over and over again, it makes me happy, so I just made myself buy it with my birthday money. I'm glad I did.

I went into Lush knowing exactly what I wanted. I purchased two of the body butters 'Buffy' and 'King of Skin'. I use these in the bath, last thing, when I know I'm going to be lazy and not apply body butter or lotion when I get out of the bath.

That's it for my Bluewater shopping haul.

Hope you have a fab day!

Emily xo

Sunday, 18 May 2014





Here's some of the presents I received.
My boyfriend got me the NutriBullet which I had been wanting for ages as well as mint green Converse, I mentioned these in my Birthday Wishlist. He also got me Disney PJs and a Minnie Mouse bag from Primark that I was allowed to pick as extra gifts. Yay I love Disney :) He also put a Starbucks voucher in with my birthday card! Thank you Petey <3
My Mum bought me some Zoeva makeup brushes and a £25 New Look voucher along with some money.
I got a £20 Boots voucher from my Brother and a £15 New Look voucher from my littly sis.
Other family members and friends also gave me vouchers and money.
I am very grateful :)

Just woke up, from a night out, don't judge me!

I'm a Disney freak so obviously my family knew to get me a Disney helium balloon. Did you know Helium is actually endangered? And we will run out of it one day!

 My outfit is all Topshop, apart from my Converse

Me and my Nanny <3 I love her sooo much!

My Aunties, second cousin and my sister (who is on my lap)

 My Nan didn't have a clue what was going on here.

He loves his selfies...


After family and friends left, my boyfriend took me to eat at Coast 2 Coast at the Marina. It was so yummy! 

I had a chicken & cheese burger which I usually get at C2C, it's just so good and comes with onion rings! I also always use the Budweiser sauce, I love that sh*t! Anyone know where I can buy it for my house? Haha.

Boyf had ribs and they were lush!


We then went to the Bowlplex arcade which was fun, but then...
I was smacked in the face with an air hockey puck! :( 

My boyfriend and I had a chilled day today, we got drive-thru McDonalds and visited his little brother on his birthday.


My boyfriend took me to Bluewater shopping centre so I could spend my birthday money. I definitely did not spend it all... Ok I did - haul post coming soon! Including Victoria's Secret and Forever 21 purchases :)

Today was random. We went into town to purchase some blu-rays to play on the boys new TV and then we  went back to his and played Lego Harry Potter and watched The Hunger Games until 2am!


Safari Skyway - so chilled and relaxing on a beautiful day like this

Moon Jellyfish - amazing!

He was not impressed. I did feel sorry for him :(

Giant Guinea Pigs are taking over the world! 


Today we didn't get up to much, we did go see Godzilla at the cinema though which was pretty good.


Today me and my family visited my primary school's fair. The weather was the hottest it's been so far this year. There was lots to do and there was even a little country band playing, felt like I was in Tennessee! I love Tennessee and all things country. My sister did a dance with her dance group - it was so cute and funny as they were from ages 2 - 5 years so they were in there own little bubbles.

I also got to hold an owl and a Raven, they were so beautiful, and cheeky.

Thanks for reading to the end if you did, it was a crazy long post!

Emily xo