Tuesday, 17 September 2013


In May I purchased Maybelline’s The Rocket mascara in the waterproof formula. I feel that this mascara gives me a lot of volume and length, it clumps a little but not terribly, it usually happens when I layer the product on a lot.

The worst thing about this mascara is removing it, obviously waterproof mascara is a little trickier to remove, but this mascara, oh wow, it takes me ages and I end up pulling lashes out!

I’ve tried every Maybelline mascara, there’s two from the brand that I will always repurchase, and I almost always purchase the waterproof versions (never know when it's going to rain in sunny England) and they don’t give me much trouble at all.

This is the trickiest Maybelline mascara I’ve used, I’m going to use it up though because I don’t hate the product, but I won’t repurchase it. Maybe I’ll try the non-waterproof version.
Emily xo


  1. I got this product free at london fashion week and can't wait to try this out!
    Check out my recent post about LFW! Xx

  2. I have a Maybelline mascara similar to this one and I'm not a huge fan of it! I often have to use it with another mascara to give my lashes any volume... x