Thursday, 11 April 2013


I got this cute bird cage shelf for £12 at Urban Outfitters and thought I would show y'all what it is holding currently. I'm so glad I found this piece of décor for my desk, it looks so cute. They had loads left when I picked it up, so go have a look! But here goes:

Top Shelf: Here I'm keeping the two candles i have been burning. They're both from Primark. The first candle is Sweet Vanilla and the second is Elderflower and Champagne. I adore their packaging. Primark are great candle makers haha! The candles are so inexpensive and the scents are strong enough to make the room smell lovely, which I was surprised at :)

Bottom Shelf: Here I have been keeping current skincare products. 
So i have my two absolute favourite Body Shop body butters. The top one is the Mango Body Butter and the bottom one is Coconut Body Butter. 
The sachet to the left of the body butters is a sample of 'Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter' from The Body Shop which I put their to remind me to try it out.

Right of the body butters I have a Garnier Youthful Radiance Day Cream which I've been using for a few months. I'm only 18 and I'm using a "sort of" wrinkle cream I know it's not the best for young skin but I love it, I love the smell, it's the same fragrance as the Garnier BB Cream. I do have another moisturiser which I use a lot more often as well but it doesn't fit! It's the Garnier Moisture Match Normal Skin with SPF 20 (yellow packaging).
So the last product i have to mention is the Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter! Who hasn't tried this yet? You need to try it! I use this everyday, it makes my lips so soft and haven't had any dry/cracked lips problems since I've started using this. Their other "flavours" are great too.

So that's it! I'll probably do another one of these when my shelf products are eventually changed up.

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