Thursday, 27 September 2012

Limited Edition Vaseline - Pink Bubbly

I am really enjoying using the new limited edition Vaseline, i think mostly because of the fact it is LIMITED EDITION! I love the tin, it is so cute and girly but sophisticated at the same time. I love that it says on the tin "PETROLEUM JELLY WITH A HINT OF DECADENCE" hehe. Feels luxurious ;)

The actual lip therapy smells like the aloe vera vaseline which comes in the green tin so i'm guessing it is almost the same ingredients but also different colour jelly.

I was so excited to go out and buy this Vaseline, i bought my tin from Superdrug for
£3.49 which is a lot but i had to have it, they're the same price everywhere. Here is a link if you would like to buy it online: . Or you can buy it in store :)
I am very happy with this lil cutie. For more info visit

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